We Want You to Be a Part of Something Special...

So what is this Good Mourning group all about anyway?

What it's not is your run-of-the-mill bereavement group.

We don't talk about the "stages of grief." Or what you should or should not be feeling and when you should be feeling it.

We don’t have degrees in psychology and we won't pretend we know everything about this unfortunate process, either.

We don’t.

But here are three of the top things we ARE going to do – or try to at least.​

Our podcast will brighten your day with a laugh, a smile or even a fresh perspective on this whole mourning thing we’re faced with.

Smile More

So we all can get to know each other and just have fun, we'll host fun get-togethers. That’s what our loved ones would want us to do.

Laugh More

We will keep our loved ones in our hearts by telling their stories. Our blog will capture how much they impacted us and our lives.

Love More

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