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"Have a Good Mourning addresses a want you never knew you had—strategies to CELEBRATE the death of a loved one in ways you never imagined—and it throws away the ‘handbook’ on grieving leaving readers joyous in the face of loss. Bravo!"

- Jen Coken, Author of 

When I Die, Take My Panties

Grieving doesn’t mean you must be consumed by grief

If you’re looking for unique ways to cope with the loss of a spouse, parent, child, family member or close friend, Have a Good Mourning is the book for you. You’ll discover transformational ways to mourn as you avoid the perpetual darkness that sometimes follows grief and heal even as you keep your loved one’s memory alive.

In Have a Good Mourning, you'll hear the tales of others whose journeys inspired change, hope and joy including:

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How Kinja Dixon, a self-made millionaire and author of Re-Creationism, meaningfully reconnects with his late mother.

How Big Apple marketer Jennifer Morilla brings clean water filters and a sense of caring to underdeveloped communities abroad.

How Michael Tesalona, a web guru and Ted Talk speaker, feels his sister’s presence wherever he goes.

Most of all, Have a Good Mourning illustrates how mourning with joy can give you a newfound purpose and bolster your life forever.

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Praise from Readers

A heartfelt and inspiring read

Have a Good Mourning offers a powerful, heart-felt look into a wholly new and personal approach to joyfully mourn the loss of your loved one aimed at those finding traditional grieving strategies hopelessly lacking.

- Jonathan Brabrand

This book speaks to my heart!

As someone who has lost a parent, this book speaks to my heart in ways I can't even explain. Jen writes with humor, hope, and a palpable sort of love that kept me turning the pages. Her story is a beautiful, inspiring gift to everyone who opens this book.

- Natalie Sanchez

Authentic, inspirational, and beautiful

You won't find another author so well-spoken, authentic, and uplifting- and your life won't be the same after reading her words. Jennifer is deep and caring, driven and strong, but able to relate and empathize with the loss that others are experiencing. This book, as well as its author, is one you need in your life.

- Rebecca Addington

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